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Check this out! If you suspect your computer is not working to its fullest potential, you might be right. FACT: Personal computers spend most of their power ON time waiting for their operators to tell them to do something, anything. No Kidding! Why not give your goofing-off computer something useful to cogitate upon while it faithfully awaits your next command? Follow this link to SETI:



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  • And now it's time to give credit where it's due. Some really talented people have created artwork and have been kind enough to allow the use of them on this web page. I would like to give them all a plug here by name in order of their use date. If I have left any one out, it was not intentional. Please contact me. "A tip of the hat to... CLIVE TAN (, for creating the ACCS LABS logo. I havn't talked to clive for several years now. Wonder how he is doing. If you run into him ask him to e-mail me. The walking spider was created by Lisa Konrad, ( The revolving UPDATED .gif was created by: Lawrence Goetz, ( BTW: I havn't talked to any of these folks for years now. I hope they are doing well. If you read this contact me please. As for this pretty waiving United States flag here? I don't know who did it; but thanks ever so much. Long may she wave.


    The smallest print I have:
    Disclaimer: This document and any of the links in NO WAY represents anybody or anything, except me. Except for where noted, this fabrication is mine alone. I do however, recommend the services of: THEVINE.NET for a super ISP. They are good folks. Their service is far above the norm. I use VPOP.COM for domain registration services. Talk with Morine. She is really nice. Tell her Hank sent ya. SMARTLINK.COM, HOST99.COM, NAMEGEAR.COM and GRAPEVINE.NET have been long time associates. They have done fine by me. I recommend them. As for all the rest: You don't really take any thing you hear or see on the INTERNET too seriously, do you? Really? Thank your lucky stars you didn't join those other well intentioned folks that 'beamed' themselves to Hale/Bopp eh? It's fun and all, and SUPER FAST with cable, satellite dish or DSL, but Gee-Whiz-Allready!
    Get a life! ;-)

    * It really wasn't in 25 words or less was it? So I lied. Big deal!
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